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ABSTRACT DEADLINE: March 15th, 2017 (extended)


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Please note the following conditions:

  • A4 paper only.
  • All fonts must be embedded.
    • Please check the “font” section in properties of your PDF file.
    • Just using “Save-as” menu in Microsoft Word does not embed all fonts.
    • Please try if you are using Microsoft Word: (1) Choose “Save-as” -> (2) Choose filetype as “PDF (*.pdf)” -> (3) Click [Option] -> (4) Check “ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A)” -> (5) Click [OK] -> (6) Click [Save].   This sequence was checked by MS-Word 2013 on Windows.
  • If any questions, troubles, etc., please contact: .

Abstracts of contributed papers should be submitted by March 1st, 2017, through On-line Form under the name of a principal author — the author who will participate in the conference and has been preliminarily registered at the On-Line Registration Site. All further correspondence concerning the paper will be carried out with this author only.

Applicants for the Corbett Prize must submit the followings: Together with a two-page abstract in the special MS Word template format shown below, the applicant should email a letter that (1) states that he/she meets the Corbett Prize requirements (clearly indicate date of birth in the letter), (2)outlines the scientific merit of the work presented, and how it advances the field of defects in semiconductors, and (3)details of the specific contributions of the candidate to this work. Send this letter to with the subject “Corbett Prize application” by March 31st, 2017. An additional one-page letter of recommendation including the description of specific contribution of the candidate to this work prepared by his/her research supervisor must be submitted separately (from adviser/supervisor official email account) with the subject “Corbett Prize supporting letter” to by March 31st, 2017.

about Corbett Prize

All contributors are encouraged to submit their newest results for active discussions at the conference. Decision of acceptance/non-acceptance will be delivered to the corresponding authors by the end of April 2017. Highly rated abstracts may be upgraded to invited presentations. The system enables the authors to replace the abstract till the closure date of abstract submission — March 1st, 2017.

A complete submission comprises the following two documents: A two-page abstract and a short summary (100-150 words) of the abstract. The short summaries of the abstracts and the two-page abstracts will be distributed at the conference in the format of Program Booklets and USB Keys, respectively.

The two-page abstract for ICDS 2017 should be prepared using the following MS Word templates, which contain detailed abstract preparation and formatting instructions. Please save it on your computer for later reference.

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