Venue Information

ICDS29 will be held in Kunibiki Messe, Shimane Prefectural Convention Center, Matsue city, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. The city is located in the west in Japan.

Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture is known as the home of Ancient Japan. Two Japanese deities, Izanagi and Izanami, married and created the various islands of Japan and gave birth to many other deities including Amaterasu-omikami (god of the rising sun) who governs the celestial realm and Susanoo (god of the ocean) who governs the terrestrial world. The landing of Susanoo at Matsue (Izumo) marked the beginning of Ancient Japan.

Mythology in Shimane Prefecture


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Kunibiki Messe, Shimane Prefectural Convention Center

Kunibiki Messe, Shimane prefectural Convention Center